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IPv6 Network Renumbering SuperVision Tool

NetSV is part of the management/supervision plane and its role is to assist the network administrator when performing an IPv6 network renumbering by supervising the procedure and making diagnostics on the monitore hosts. It is composed of a monitoring daemon netsv-manager, a monitored daemon netsv-agent and a diagnostic tool netsv-diagnostic.

This tool has been developed by taking as references the results and conclusions drawn from a previous study on the Impact of IPv6 network renumbering on the management plane. Some continuity and reconfiguration scripts have been developped during this study and are available in the Download area..

Finally, a reasearch article has been published in the workshop IPv6TD 2006, IPv6 Today - Technology and Deployment, called A Monitoring Approach for Safe IPv6 Renumbering which received the Best Paper Award.